Monday, April 7, 2008

IL Constitution WebQuest

Here is the link to the webquest that we will be working on during our preparation for the Illinois State Constitution test.

Begin by reading the "introduction," "task," and "process" sections.

You will then have "lessons" to complete under the "resources" section. Start with "Lesson 1," read the information on the page and complete the assignment that is found by clicking on the link "here" at the top of the page. Print each assignment that you complete and hand it in for a grade. Some of the links (at the bottom of the page) can help in finding more information to complete the assignments.

Lesson #1 is due April 14th.
Lesson #2 is due April 18th.
Lesson #3 is due April 21st.
Lesson #4 is due April 24th.
Lesson #5 is due April 28th.
Lesson #6 is due May 1st.
Lesson #7 is due May 5th.
Lesson #8 is due May 8th.
Lesson #9 is due May 12th.
Lesson #10 is due May 15th.

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