Thursday, January 24, 2008

All the steps for Menlo Park:Invention

Things to hand in:
1. Industry research in Illinois:


· Find and make fact sheet of:
· NAICS Code, Official description of business, Establishments, Sales/Revenue, Annual Payroll, # of Paid Employees

2.Industry research world article: (Google News is a good resource)

· Print/cut out article regarding your industry anywhere in the world. Make sure it has some identifiable effects upon your own invention.

· Write: Summary of article (paragraph) and the effects upon your invention paragraph)

3. Find 3 products/patents similar to your own invention. Print/cut out.

· At least one has to be from Google Patents
· At least one from online store
· One from newspaper, magazine, or other printed source.

4. Sketch your designs.
Rough draft with all components labeled
Final draft with all components labeled

5. Explanation of your invention in 300 words.
· Explain what it is, what it will do, how much it will cost to build, how much it will retail for, why the industry needs this invention, address possible obstacles and how it will affect the industry.

Extra Credit: Prototype

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