Sunday, January 6, 2008

Winter Break

I hope everyone had a wonderful break and have successfully recharged for the new year! Remember, those in Language Arts should be emailing their Autobiography PPT's to me by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i also hope you had a good winter break too. i have a suggestion to what you can add to your blog
-more info on the different presidents before you let the person vote(this would take research and time so i understand if you don't want to do this)!
-maybe you can add what our homework is for the day and go in to more for a project you can list of what u expect and notification on up coming events at school and test and projects if you want. so it would sort of be like teacherease but a little different and you can make it your own!
your student,

*Mariama* :)

Mr. Muchow said...

I'll look into the candidate's information, I like that idea. I wanted to add the homework to the blog as well, though I wasn't sure if I should take the time to do daily things like section assessments, or just wait until the big projects. I don't know how many students will use it as a resource. What do you think?
Mr. Muchow